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Strategy to Work with Generation iY Internationally

August 6th, 2010

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We believe the need of the hour is for more organizations to focus on developing Generation IY around the world. One example for working with this young generation as an organization lies below.

Our organization, Growing Leaders, has chosen to respond to this crying need. I could not consume this research and information and do nothing.  For us, to sit still in times like these would be a crime. We certainly aren’t the only ones to act, but we’re doing what we know to do to equip young people to think and act like values-based leaders.  We are building partnerships with organizations worldwide which share our value of building character in young people and which possess our value of teaching leadership to them. Let me give you one example of what we’re doing that is within the reach of many other organizations who work globally.

Target: Asia, the Middle East and the Persian Speaking World

At Growing Leaders we’ve decided to target this emerging generation and equip them as leaders. That’s our single mission. Our goal is to turn ordinary students into growing leaders.  We’re building leaders from the inside out so they can turn their world upside down. In addition to our work on campuses in the U.S., we have chosen to work internationally in areas where we see a youth bulge. First, we find indigenous leaders there who share the same mission and values.  Next, we meet to discuss the needs among young people and what the best solutions are to meet those needs. Third, we create resources that are culturally relevant, for those in-country leaders to use as they build character-based leaders. Then we sponsor train-the trainer events for youth workers, EPIC leadership conferences for students and resources for mentors as they follow up (after the conferences) in mentoring communities. Because some of the greatest needs exist in Asia, in the Arab World and in the Persian Speaking World, we’ve chosen the following steps:

  • Identify and Partner with a Like-Minded Organization in Country
  • Discuss and evaluate the needs and solutions for their young people.
  • Collaborate to create the best resources for mentoring communities.
  • Equip the Youth Staff/Volunteers to Mentor Students (Train the Trainer)
  • Host an EPIC Youth Event to Challenge Students to be Leaders (3 days)
  • Translate and Print Resources for Each Student to Use as Follow Up
  • Launch staff/students in mentor communities: discuss/apply leadership
  • Challenge students to Find Their Cause / Situation—and Begin Influencing their world.

To learn more about what Growing Leaders is doing and where we are working, check at our website:


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