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Tell the Truth

August 6th, 2010

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We believe its time to speak the truth to this emerging generation. Instead of lies that boost a false sense of self-esteem, let’s cultivate a solid, healthy esteem in them, by building the following ingredients in their character.  We recommend the following six priorities for students today as they mature.  Work with them on the following targets:

1. Know Yourself.  

(Seek to become self aware of your identity; your personality; and the value you add others.)

2. Develop Your Gift.
(Experiment enough to figure out where your major strengths, talents, skills and gifts lie.)

3. Find Your Passion.
(Explore the needs of the world around you and see if any spark a passion inside you.)*

4. Value People.
(Determine to invest in others; people are the most important part of any enterprise or project.)

5. Learn Perseverance.
(Try enough new things that you experience both failure and tough times. This builds character.)

6. Pursue Excellence.
(Remember you don’t have to be great at everything but you should excel at something.)

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