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Save Their Future Pledge

I can see the potential in this new generation for both amazing achievement and dismal failure. I recognize with the right coaching, they can and will be helpful to the future of their world; without it, they may be helpless. I commit myself to investing in the Generation iY students. When possible, I will:

  • Guide those who are “stuck” in adolescence into productive adulthood
  • Correct damaging parenting styles, whether mine or someone else’s
  • Repair the damage from the unintentional lies they’ve been told
  • Coach them to use technology to meet relevant needs in the real world
  • Build people skills and emotional intelligence in them
  • Employ their strengths and unique perspective as they work on a job
  • Equip them, as a generation, to lead us into the future.

While I cannot do everything necessary, I will do something to move young adults from “being paralyzed” to “making progress.” I will do my best to enable them to become the best version of themselves possible—leaders in their own right.

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