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The Chronicle of Higher Education

August 23rd, 2010

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Excerpt from Notes and News

Here's another book that just came out, Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future by Tim Elmore.  (I give the book an endorsement.) Among its many insights into the rising generation are the list of paradoxes Elmore lays out that identify some of the inscrutable aspects of the young (inscrutable, that is, to the elders).  They include "They are sheltered . . . yet pressured," "They are self-absorbed . . . yet generous," "They are social . . . yet isolated by technology," and "They are high achievement . . . yet high maintenance." Elmore has worked with college and high school students for years, and he's worked with schools on such pressing matters as retention.  Whereas some commenters on the young provide only bilious, antagonizing, and dead-end renditions of teens, Elmore offers positive and concrete strategies for addressing, for instance, at-risk boys, workplace failings, and transforming education plans into deliveries that engage, not bore, the students.

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