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Text Language: Do You Know the Code?

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Teens and young adults today would rather text than talk and would certainly rather text than email someone. Texts have been a preferred method of communication for some time now. It would benefit adults to understand at least a portion of the “codes” they use as they text. Can you de-code these phrases below?

(Try to guess them all before looking at the answers below).

  Code The Meaning
1. IDK
2. NBD
3. B4N
4. LOL
5. IMU
6. KIT
9. LMK
10. MUYM
11. N2K
Bonus: SUP
  • ANSWERS (click to expand)

    • I Don’t Know
    • No Big Deal
    • Bye For Now
    • Laugh Out Loud
    • I Miss You
    • Keep In Touch
    • Parents Over The Shoulder
    • Know How You Feel
    • Let Me Know
    • Make Up Your Mind
    • Need To Know
    • What’s Up?

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