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Attitude Check

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OK. Before we go any further on this website, we all need to take an “Attitude Check” to make sure we are approaching Generation iY students with a proper mindset. Just for fun, evaluate your attitude against the questions below:

  1. If you are an employer—and you see your young employees on Facebook—do you immediately suspect they’re wasting time or do you see the potential for them to be building relationships with future customers or clients?

    • I tend to suspect they are wasting time on Facebook
    • I immediately see they could be cultivating future clients
  2. If you are a parent, iPods can be a blessing and a curse. When your Generation iY kids listen to iPods, do you see the potential for valuable information on iTunes (educational) or do you assume they are only drowning out everything around them?

    • I have only assumed they are drowning all other noise out
    • I can easily see the potential for helpful content and learning to occur
  3. When you are talking to your student or child, do you believe you should have their undivided attention, or do you allow them to multi-task while you talk to them?

    • I cannot interact with them unless I have their undivided attention
    • I have come to the place where I allow them to multi-task as we talk
  4. If you’re a teacher and you see students watching YouTube, do you automatically believe they are merely getting entertained, or do you realize they may be learning something useful?

    • I only see them consuming entertainment; I never see them learn from it
    • I recognize they could actually learn something helpful on YouTube
  5. When you were growing up, you came home and watched TV passively. Today, kids engage actively in front of a screen, often with a video game. Do you see the possibility they may be learning:

    • Problem solving skills
    • Teamwork
    • Fitness (Wii)
    • Focus and concentration
  6. Often, we adults (teachers, coaches, youth workers) become frustrated at all the texting Generation iY students do. However, do you recognize the good that comes with texting:

    • You can locate them quickly if they are out late
    • You can reach an entire group of kids at one time
    • You can contact them without interrupting their activity
    • You can stay in touch and share experiences even at a distance

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