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Habitudes: How Are They Being Used Today?

August 9th, 2010

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Habitudes are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. They represent a groundbreaking way to teach life and leadership principles through the power of an image, a conversation and an experience. You can discover the entire world of Habitudes by going to: There you will find books, videos, posters, podcasts and digital curriculum. Below are some of the contexts Habitudes are being used today.




1. First Year Experience (College or high school)

1. Book One: The Art of Self leadership

2. Residence Life (RAs and RDs)

2. Book Two: The Art of Connecting…

3. Athletic Programs

3. Habitudes for Athletes (Video kits 1-4)

4. Entire Student Body

4. Book One: The Art of Self leadership

5. Student Government Association

5. Book Three: The Art of Leading Others

6. Fraternities and Sororities (Greek System)               

6. Habitudes Books 1-4

7. Campus Clubs and Ministries

7. Habitudes DVDs / Books 1-4

8. Corporations

8. Habitudes DVDs / Books 1-4

9. Church: youth groups, college, Sunday School

9. Habitudes Books 1-3

10. Mentor Training / Learning Community Facilitators

10. Book Two: The Art of Connecting…

11. Human Resources / Staff Training

11. Habitudes Books 1-3

12. University Faculty Training

12. Books: Two, Three and Four

13. K-12 Schools (Public and Private)      

13. Books 1-2

14. Non-profit Organizations      

14. Habitudes DVDs / Books 1-4

15. K-12 Schools, colleges and Universities

15. Three-credit leadership survey course

16. International Leadership Training     

16. Habitudes are in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, Portuguese, Dari, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Korean)


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