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The New Wave

The New Wave

Turning Potential Into Performance as Generation iY Enters The Workplace

This insightful conference addresses the latest trends from Generation iY and how their style impacts today’s workplace. Sociologists define Generation Y as young people born between 1984 to 2002. Yet, research shows that those born after 1990 are significantly different from their earlier counterparts, and those differences play out in the workplace every day. Generation iY is the talk of human resource professionals and newspaper journalists, the prize of their parents, and the segment of market that every retailer covets.

For the first time in history, there are five distinct sociologic generations alive on the planet. The older you are, the more you’ll feel like an immigrant among natives with this new generation. Companies across the United States are grappling with the complexities of employing GeniY young adults and helping the transition into a corportate culture. Those who learn how to effectively recruit, train, and retain this emerging generation will position themselves to positively leverage this new talent pool.

The forum covers issues such as:

  • How do the minds of Gen iY work? Why do they think the way they do?
  • How can you help them transition from backpack to briefcase?
  • How do they differ from other generations, and how does that impact their approach to work?
  • How can you capitalize on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses?
  • How do you create a company culture where Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen iY team members work well together?

This presentation is based on extensive research and real life case studies. You will leave with practical ideas and solutions for the challenges you face leading Gen iY.

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